Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sleep Remedy Helps Headache

Sleep Already and Insomnia
sleep already
Insomnia can be one of the most frustrating conditions. Lying awake at night, looking at the ceiling with dozens of thoughts running through your head can make you less effective at work and in your personal life. It doesn't take long for the effects of sleep deprivation to kick in, and when insomnia occurs it should be quickly addressed.  There are numerous natural herbs and substances that can help to achieve a restful sleep but one of the best is valerian root.

Valerian root has a wide range of uses, and it has historically been used to help with muscle pains and spasms, as well as anxiety.  Valerian has gained more traction as a natural sleep aid in recent years, and a great source for valerian root is Relax Already.  Sleep Already is a natural sleep aid, and can help to ease the body into a restful sleep.  When dealing with insomnia it is a good idea to start with natural products, like Relax Already or Sleep Already, because it doesn't have the harmful side effects that can accompany many sleeping medications.

Valerian has been studied fairly extensively recently, and a number of studies have shown that it can be a great way to help with insomnia.  One study with 128 volunteers tested the effectiveness of valerian on insomnia.  The study tested a number of sleep related issues and patterns, including how often the subjects woke up during the night, sleep latency, dream recall, and sleep quality.  The study showed that valerian offered improvement in both sleep quality and sleep latency.  There were a number of groups that valerian was particularly effective for, and these included older male subjects who were considered poor sleepers, poor female sleepers, poor young sleepers, and smokers.  Valerian had little effect on people that were already considered good sleepers.  This information is good news to those who struggle to fall asleep at night, and it shows that valerian may offer significant help to those with insomnia.

Much research has been done that reveals that when headache sufferers get a good night's sleep, they oftentimes wake up without a headache. Because Relax Already is also a natural muscle relaxer, oftentimes the muscles at the base of the neck and at the temples of the head are relaxed during sleep which helps to prevent an individual from waking up with a tension headache.

If you have trouble falling asleep at night you should try supplementing the natural sleep remedy valerian root before bed.  Sleep Already is a good source for the sleep-inducing valerian, and it may help you to conquer your bout with insomnia and waking up with a tension headache.

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