Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sprayology Party Relief Review

Natural headache remedies are becoming more popular in today's world.  Sprayology makes some of the best natural headache remedies for hangovers that are easily applied with just a few sprays underneath the tongue.  One form of headache that we've all experienced - but hopefully not too often - is caused by hangovers.  The morning after going to a party can be rough.  Your mouth is dry, your head is pounding, and you feel as if the world is spinning around you.  Sprayology Party Relief can help to reduce the symptoms that are associated with hangovers.

Hangovers can ruin anybody's day.  They occur because the ethanol that is found in alcoholic beverages increases urine production, and this causes dehydration.  Dehydration can cause the body to experience intense headaches and fatigue.  Alcohol also interacts with the lining of the stomach, and this can create nausea.
Hangovers are also caused by exposing the body to acetaldehyde.  After consuming ethanol the body breaks it down into acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than the actual alcohol.  Some of the symptoms that are experienced during hangovers come from the body being exposed to acetaldehyde.

Sprayology Party Relief is a headache and hangover remedy that is easily administered.  It comes in a sleek bottle that can be easily carried, and all it takes is a couple sprays to reduce the severity of hangovers.  The bottle advises to take two sprays under the tongue before consuming alcohol and then again every hour.  After drinking administer two more sprays, and to help the next morning spray twice under the tongue up to six times a day.

Party Relief contains ingredients that directly fight off some of the worst symptoms of hangovers.  It has arsenicum album 200C, which can help to relieve dehydration and exhaustion.  It also has bryonia 200C.  Bryonia can help to prevent nausea, and it can also hydrate the body and reduce delirium.  To fight headaches, which often seems like the worst part of hangovers, Sprayology Party Relief has Carbo An 200C.  To help fight a bad mood Party Relief contains Carbo AN 200C, which can also help to hydrate the body.  Radium Brom 200C is also used to help relieve exhaustion and dehydration, and it can help to stop dizziness.

To ensure that the body gets enough sleep Sprayology has included humulus lupulus, and Party Relief uses valeriana to keep the body in an undisturbed sleep.  Taraxacum 1X is used to prevent intense cold feelings and shivering.  To help the next morning chelidonium maj 200C helps to improve the mood and fight nausea.  Thuja Occ 200C can also help the next morning by reducing depression and improving appetite.

As you can see Sprayology has taken all the symptoms of hangovers into account, and they have created a marvelous mixture that can help to fight even the worst headaches and hangover symptoms.  Next time you're anticipating a long night try Sprayology Party Relief to help prevent and reduce hangover symptoms.